We are GOOD!

  • The managers show a strong commitment to improvement. They use a good range of feedback, from parents, staff and children, to help them evaluate the service. Their plans for development are well focused to improve the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Children make good progress from their various starting points. Their development is carefully monitored by their key person, to identify what they need to learn next. Staff interact well with the children and show genuine interest in their play. For example, they join in with spontaneous games such as hunting for shapes in the garden.
  • Partnerships with parents are effective in meeting children’s needs. Parents feel that the managers are highly responsive to any comments or suggestions they make. They say that there is a good exchange of information to support their children’s welfare needs well.
  • Children explore different ways to create marks. For instance, toddlers used their fingers to make lines and circles in pretend snow. They were fascinated when adults formed imprints of their hands and delighted when they managed this themselves.

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MSE centre OFSTED July 2022